Separated by Fandoms

Movies & Books

Fright Night

The Neverending Story

Oz Books

  • The Neverending Story
  • The Mistress of Words
  • The City of Forgotten Dreams
  • The Secret Library of Thaddaus Tillman Trutz
  • The Soul of the Night
  • The Conspiracy of Angels
  • The King of Fools

Games & Toylines

Like many gamers and toy fans there are some games & toys that I consider to be “The Greats”.¬† They’re the ones that inspired me the most and the ones that were a big part of my childhood. Rather than create regular fan art, I wanted to work on some ideas I’ve had for a while, which I have always wished that the companies would do with their IPs.¬†

Retro Games

Retro Toys

Oz Books

  • Mega Man Classic RTS RPG
  • Mega Man Classic Fighting Game
  • Mega Man Classic MMORPG
  • Mega Man Battle & Chase Next Gen
  • Kid Icarus 16-bit
  • Lego Castlevania
  • Transformers
  • Battle Beasts